LEVEL 25 – music album

LEVEL 25 – music album


LEVEL 25 came out in February 2019 and it’s godfathers were Jared Falk and Dave Atkinson, hosts of the world-class drumming portal Drumeo, winner of the Best Education Portal, which also became the album’s official sponsor and partner.

Album is also supported by several of the world’s leading drum brands, such as DW Drums, Gewa, Zildjian, Vic Firth, Remo, and Slapkatz. After over two years in production, Dali has invited a total of 20 guest musicians from 11 countries, and, notably, his longtime collaborator and friend, guitarist Marius Pop to appear on the new record.

Scott Kinsey (Tribal Tech)
Marius Pop
Anton Davidyants (Virgil Donati)
Martin Miller
Federico Malaman
Romain Labaye (Scott Henderson)
Junior Braguinha (Virgil Donati)
Lawrance Lina (Sideburn)
Mike Gotthard (Electric Shock)
Kolta Gergely (European Mantra)
Veronika Stalder
Gyöngyösi Gábor
Maria Nagyova (Ludove Mladistva)
Diana Minarovicova (Ludove Mladistva)
Terezia Jarosová (Ludove Mladistva)
Mato Ivan
Dano Soltis
Gergo Borlai
Valeriy Stepanov

The album LEVEL 25 combines various genres with a bright palette of colours, brought by the diversity of musicians from different cultures and shows the transition from technique to emotion and Dali’s personal development. Its uniqueness not only in the field of fusion music crushes all limitations and boundaries and sets to a whole new level. A LEVEL 25.

On the record Dali often plays not only the drums, but the piano and other instruments as well.

The album tells an elaborate story, split into fourteen chapters. You can read the entire story in a 44-page book, included with the album. How the story ends however, you must discover on your own. Album also comes with a poster.

A crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the album also took place at the IndieGogo portal. At this moment, the campaign has successfully ended and almost 130 % of the originally requested amount has been collected!
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Album engineered and mixed by Adam Vychodil, Marius Pop & Jean-Victor Piloiu.